Chemo Caps For the Kids

This November we donated hats to the kids in our Pediatric Department.  Unfortunately my phone broke yesterday and along with it went the pictures.  We knit the hats in a range of sizes and an array of colors.  The coolest thing was we declared this project only 3 weeks before the collection and we created 11 hats!  This was a great project and I acknowledge everyone for their contribution.  Happy Holidays!!!

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Knitted Bears

Shellie's Bear








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Little Bears and Knitting Projects

knit bearShellie's BearNatika Bear pictures James Bear pictures Chanoa Bear Picture Bear picturesWe started working on a knitted bear pattern that Jen shared with us last year.  That’s her completed bear at the top!  Contessa has almost completed her first bear!  Natika is speeding through hers, Chanoa has got the legs down and Shellie is excelling in her knitting skills and is proving to be just as great at knitting as she is in crochet.   James is working on his green scarf that he started in the Winter months and should be finished soon too!

I’m working on a pair of fingerlss gloves along with Jen and Michelle and we should have more pics coming soon!

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Fingerless Gloves Workshop

Last year a few of us took a class at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio store in NYC.  We had a great teacher and we were anxious to get home and knit a few pairs of fingerless gloves!  One of the cool things about the pattern that we followed is that it only required one skein of yarn to complete a set.  We each purchased yarn on our way out and went home to try it on our own that evening. 

Fingerless Goves Workshop


This picture was the model picture that was sent to me when I was signing up for the class.  I have to locate the pictures of our own gloves.  I think only two out of the five of us completed a set of gloves.  We are determined to make more this Fall!

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Baby Sweater Workshop

Jen, Milena and I took a sweater class this Winter and loved it!  We learned so much from Linda at String in NYC and recommend visiting sometime.  They have a beautiful and colorful array of 100% cashmere yarns. Visit them at 

The class met once a week for four weeks in a row.  We learned some new stitches and how to finish the sweater. We also received many great tips! Milena let me post her picture to share with all of you.  Let us know what you think!

Yarn from String and buttons from Tender Buttons

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Spring Is Here



Winter is over but the cold is not so we are still inspired and knitting away.

Just last week Sandy brought in a big bag if yarn her mom donated to us. Thank you Ms. Ruthy! Everyone that passed the mass amounts of yarn gasped at the beautiful array of colors and quantity we had all in one place at the same time. It was a treat we will not forget.  Our next project is already planned out now that we have the materials.

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Our Second Group Project – A Crochet Baby Blanket!




We started this crochet blanket early summer 2010. We only had a few balls of the lavender color and finished it off with a light caramel border.
We worked on our squares and stitched them together only last month. Our coworker’s baby is a few months old now but hopefully will still get some use from it.

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