Raffle Winner!


For every Thursday we attend the knitting club hour we are entered into a raffle.  On the second Thursday of each month we do  the drawing. Marcia won our first knitting club raffle and received a navy blue cable knit scarf and Milena is holding up her gift certificate from String Yarns in the picture above.  Congratulations ladies!

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Milena’s Scarf


modeled by Milena's niece

modeled by Milena’s niece

This scarf was one of Milena’s first projects!  A beautiful design that incorporates only a few stitches. Knit, purl and yarn over!

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Holiday Party

From left to right we have Michelle, Marcia, Milena, myself, Margaret, Debbie, Natika and Jen.


This year we celebrated with fresh berry salad (thanks to Jen) and chocolate cake (thanks to Milena) topped off with whipped cream! We had many of our coworkers stop in curious to see the stringed garments as opposed to stringed lights decorating our conference room for the special event.  They admired many pieces and we were happy to display our finished and unfinished pieces.

We were a happy crowd that afternoon; admiring each others work, feeding from their creativity for our own inspiration.  We looked forward to our next project already!

This year The OCR Knitting Club donated to the Fund-a-Friend program at Queens County Farm to help care for a sheep.

Happy Holidays!

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Knitting and crochet projects!

Jen’s first ball of yarn being knitted to perfection!

Milena made something last year using this knit pattern and maybe she'll let me post a picture of it!


We’re already way into November and we have a lot to show for it!  Jennifer has been coming to just about every club session we’ve had so far and she’s joined Milena and I on our first outside knitting class at String Yarns http://www.stringyarns.com/

By the end of our four week session we’ll have a baby knit sweater to show off!  Marcia, Morgan and a few others have expressed interest in learning how to knit the sweater as well so hopefully we’ll be giving our own workshop during our knitting club sessions.

So far, I think a great lesson would be on how to read a pattern.  This way any one of the club members can take the pattern home and tackle it whenever they want and they are free to go at their own pace.  The only direction we’ve received thus far has been to cast on 50 stitches, knit for 4 rows and then alternate purl, knit until your project is about 4.5 inches long.  How exciting!  Soon we’ll have three baby sweaters to show you!

We’re so happy that Debbie has finally joined us for a session or two.  Maybe she’ll show us a few crochet patterns one day.  As we’re all learning together, crochet goes much quicker and can be gentler on the wrists…perhaps since we mainly use one instead of both!



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Welcome to Knitting Club!

This blog has been a long time coming but we finally got it up! It’s been about a year that the knitting club has been in session and we’ve had a blast. It started out as a Fun Committee class offering and due to it’s popularity in the office we decided to make it a permanent club. We meet on a weekly basis and work on our personal projects as well as club projects. Above we’ve posted a picture of our first group project. We each knit and crocheted small squares and sewed them together to make a baby blanket for our co-worker’s first baby.

A few of us are thinking of taking a workshop at STRING on “how to knit a sweater.” Just in time for the holidays! I can’t wait!

*We’ll try to post on a monthly basis

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